+ Game On!

Playing games can be unpredictable, fun, and exciting. Games have been played in all cultures since the beginning of time in order to promote engagement of the individual within community. The act of play is the most natural way for us to bond, learn about and interact with those around us. Utilizing every part of your mind and body to participate, games are the perfect blend of mental and physical exercise.

In a safe environment, I will take players through a comprehensive look at theatre games, playground games, and team games in order to learn what they are for and of course, to play play play! This course is great for teachers, actors, or anyone interested in having fun and getting out of the house for two hours.
ages 16 and over

+ Funny Bone: Finding Your Inner Clown

To make others laugh can be one of the greatest thrills in life. The ability to bring joy and laughter in the world is often in high demand. Unfortunately, the task is harder than it looks.

This class examines human resilience and the comic depth of clown; to risk playing and find a humorous perspective of the world. This is great for anyone who loves comedy and wants to learn what it takes to be funny!

ages 18 and over

+ Physical Theatre 101

A highly physical course with rigorous training designed to break the performer free of textual and intellectual constraints. The emphasis here is on the body and how one can express with it.

Using various methods based on the work of Grotowski, Decroux, and Laban, performers will learn how to express the inexpressible and find authenticity in their own gestures and movements.

ages 18 and over

+ The Actor in Ensemble

This is a beginner’s approach to the discovery of an individual’s movement and an understanding of self in an ensemble. Using a combination of exercises and techniques, we will explore what movement is in a performance sense. We will discover how to break past the casual body into a more dynamic range of motion and actions that gives actors tools they can use in performance.

We will also explore how to work as an ensemble, build partnerships and form relationships in a theatrical sense. This course is made for actors wanting to have a better understanding of their own bodies and how to articulate their creative ideas to a group.

ages 16 and over

+ Dynamic Playmaking

Do you ever feel you have tons of ideas for scripts and plays, but never seem to get them out the way you want on paper? Do you have trouble explaining your creative ideas? Do you work better with images and visual aid?

In this workshop, we explore alternative ways to get the imagination on its feet and flowing in order to have that idea come to life. This course is for any level of artist

ages 16 and over

+ Basic Acrobatics for Theatre

This class is for anyone interested in learning some fundamental solo acrobatic skills and partner skills along with finding how to use them into a performance.

You don’t have to have any previous skill but it is recommended that you are in good physical shape since the classes are physical. This class is also great training for body usage and exercising communication skills.

ages 16 and over