-(ANON)YMOUS- Folsom Lake College

Oct 14 2014

Here are the Photos from this production I Did actor training and Movement Choreography.

-Recipe for Disaster- Folsom Lake College

Dec 06 2013

Here are Photos form the production I was asked to come in an direct the Physical Comedy.

-My Recollect Time- Performance Photos

Feb 26 2013

Here are some Photos from my most recent production with Inferno Theatre “My Recollect Time”. I played 5 different characters in this play.

-Traveling Players Ensemble- Director of the Tempest

Feb 15 2013

In the summer of 2012 I had the amazing opportunity to work with Traveling Players Ensemble. Jeanne Harrison the brilliant and wonderful camp founder and director hired me as the High School Ensemble Director of the Shakespeare production “Tempest”. I directed to different ensembles in 4 week blocks. The really interesting thing about this camp is its focus on training kids in the outdoors and touring a production at the Shenandoah National Park.

Here is a video about the camp. You can see clips of the play I directed and other shots myself directing the students.

Traveling Players Ensemble

This is the website to find out more information.

-The King Stag- 5 Star review and Feature Article

May 17 2012

I was fortunate to receive a lot of positive attention in the press for the Production of King Stag I directed at the Folsom Lake College. Barry Wisdom of the Sacramento Press did a feature article on me as a director and the relevance of Commedia Dell’Arte and SN&R gave the show 5 stars.

The show went over really well with the audience every night.

-King Stag-Performance Photos

May 15 2012

Here are some photos of  the production of “King Stag” I directed.

A fast paced highly physical show using Masks made by  Tara Cariaso of

This is a link to the 5-Star review:


-The Iliad- Performance Pictures

Apr 06 2011

Played Achilles

Here are some performance Photos from one of our earlier performances of “The Iliad”.

-A Dream Play- Performance Photos

Feb 21 2011

Directed by Jamie Van Camp and Ida Fugli

photos by Benjamin Krauss

-Falcon’s Eye Theatre- Around The World In 80 Days

Oct 13 2010

The talented director David Harris hired me to do movement/choreography/training with his cast in a production of Around The World In 80 Days. In this production the entire cast did everything with their bodies. Playing both the vehicles for transportation and the people in every city. It turned out to be a fun and exciting experience for us all.

-The Hinterlands- DEAD ROAD

Jul 13 2010

During the summer I had the chance to work with Liza and Richard of The Hinterlands. I flew over to Milwaukee to help them put together a 20 minute western to take to the Toronto Cooking Fire Theatre festival held in Dufferin Grove Park. We worked hard for 5 weeks putting this piece together and had some interesting adventures throughout the entire process.

Here is a trailer for the show.

Here are some pictures of the performance.

The Hinterlands is now based in Detroit and the plan is to develop the show into an hour long performance. You can follow their very interesting work on this blog site.

-Studio 81-PENNARUM

Feb 13 2010

Pennarum was a devised play based on the story of Cupid and Psyche. I worked closely with El Dorado High School Teacher Paul Tomei and a group of his students to create this production and perform it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

These are the photos of the Dress rehearsal right before they left for Scotland. There was no lighting and set for this run.

-Agder University- KING UBU

Oct 13 2009

In the Fall of 2009 I had the chance to direct a production of King UBU with Ida Fugli who was a teacher at Agder University. We had 3 weeks to put the production together and it came out extremely well! Full Houses every night and the audience went crazy for the production.

-Dell ‘Arte Thesis- Bathed In Sunlight

Jun 23 2009

Written and Directed by Barney Baggett

-Dell ‘Arte Thesis- Its Only Temporary

Jun 14 2009

Writer and Director of “Its Only Temporary”

For our Final projects at Dell ‘Arte we were able to spend two months developing a project of our own exploration. We were each individually responsible for putting on a 20-minute play. I wrote and directed  a surrealist clown play about the economic times with a humanist twist. It was a collaborative process using game and play to develop material. The play became a highlight of the thesis festival and Dell ‘Arte invited me to bring a condensed version of it to open for the Network of Ensemble Theatre Festival in San Francisco.

-Bali- Teaching Acrobatics

Feb 05 2009

While in Bali Ida Fugli and I had the chance to teach Acrobatics to 7-12 year old students at the Pelangi School in South Lontundu, Ubud

-Bali- Topeng Dance and Shaow Puppetry

Feb 04 2009

For our third year at Dell ‘Arte School director Joan Schirle led our class and an outside group to study and train with master teachers of Topeng dance, Shadow Pupetry, and mask carving while immersing ourselves in the Balinese culture. These are some of the pictures I took of the whole experience.

Here is a video I put together giving a small glimpse of my time there.

-Glasnost the Famiglia Marching Band- street performances/Holiday Show

Jun 14 2008

Here is a link to our music played live on KHSU:

Glasnost on KHSU

Co-Creator with ensemble, performed as character “poosh”

Played trumpet and accordion.

During my second year of study at Dell ‘Arte my fellow classmates and I created Glasnost the famiglia marching band. We were a character band who played on the streets during events and festivals. This was a side project non-related to the school. We were invited to many cabarets, fundraisers, and events where we would perform a full set of music for the crowds. This became something we did in our past time as we started to gain some fame in the Humboldt area since we were appearing regularly throughout 2007-2008. We were featured on KHSU twice and played on the streets in San Francisco during the christmas season. The band continued on throughout the year of 2008 performing everywhere they were invited. For the fall of 2008 it was decided that Glasnost would be the Dell ‘Arte companies holiday show prodution. We toured a family friendly version of “The Glasnost Familglia Holida Show” under the Direction of Joan Schirle.

-Dell ‘Arte- Tragedy

Jun 06 2008

Co-creator of ensemble written “Between two Winters”

This show had two versions:

First version rehearsals were facilitated by both Brian Moore and myself and directed by Ronlin Foreman

Second version was directed by Ronlin Foreman and performed in San Francisco at the Magic Theatre.

I performed as Earl the New Producer

The final project of the second year was an 8-week intensive study in the style of tragedy. We explored elements of the chorus, tragic gesture (with Donlin Foreman and Ronlin Foreman), the protagonist, and playwriting. As an ensemble we created the play “Between Two Winters”. The performance ended up having two versions. The first version was performed at the Dell ‘Arte theatre then we continued to re-structure and explore further into our story for another 4-weeks with Ronlin Foreman as the director. We took the 2nd version to San Francisco performing it in the Magic Theatre for three nights and a Sunday Matinee.

Photos by: Jorin Bossen

-Dell ‘Arte- Adaptations

Feb 04 2008

Co-Creator of Ensemble devised “Georgy Porgy”

Played “real” Georgy

Our next project in the 2nd year was for 3 groups of 3 to adapt any text or story into a 20-minute play. My group worked with the story “Georgy Porgy” by Roald Dahl. We created huge cardboard masks (designed by me) and a huge surreal world based in the head of Georgy Porgy, who has a hard time dealing with women.

-Dell ‘Arte- Aneis De Saturno

Oct 04 2007

Student, Co-creator, and performer in demonstration

In the beginning of our second year of study at Dell ‘Arte we were given the opportunity to train with Carlos Simioni, a performer and member of the company LUME in Brazil. We spent 2 months with Carlos developing a demonstration performance of his training. With him we developed a method of training that was quite successful in training the actor body to be fully present and engaged within an ensemble.

Photos by Jorin Bossen

-Dell ‘Arte- Orleans Rural Residency

May 22 2007

Co-Created, Ensemble devised, and Stagemanaged

Performed in mask and played accordion as “Grandpa the story-teller”

Taught workshops at Orleans Elementary, Junction School, and a school near the Forks of Salmon.

For the last two weeks of our first year of Dell ‘Arte, the class was split into two groups and sent into small rural communities to provide workshops and put together a together a theatrical piece based on issues and topics pulled from interaction with the community. Our group went to the Yurok reservation in Orleans, California, where we camped next to the school grounds and taught workshops.

Photos by Danica Curcic

-Dell ‘Arte- Carlo Finals

May 01 2007

Co-created in ensemble devised “The Unknown Sea”

Played Tedev the Blind Messenger

For the final project at Dell ‘Arte the students are asked to get in groups and create a 10-minute play pulling from any of the style blocks that they are inspired by. Our project pulled from both Clown and Melodrama. It turned into a surrealistic piece based on a story about a woman who has had a stillborn child and what happens to that child in the world between life and death.

Photos by Carol Eckstein

-Dell ‘Arte- Clown Finals

Apr 04 2007

Performed as Self-created clown character Richard Duffington

The final “style block” of the 1st year program deals with Comedy. The students are guided through five weeks of making an attempt to “be funny” with master teacher Ronlin Foreman. The final performance consisted of Clown Duos, Trios, and groupings in a fast paced night filled with gags and jokes.

Photos by Katie O’Neill

-Dell ‘Arte-Melodrama

Apr 04 2007

Co-Created ensemble written “Break From Life”

I played the Doctor

The second “style block” of training in the first year was a five-week course in Melodrama. We explored how to devise through playwriting a 10-minute story that ended with a triumph of virtue. Working with characters that could potentially contain an emotional depth. The final performances were student-devised melodramas.

Photos by Ilan Ben-Yahuda

-Dell Arte- Commedia “Gotta Go”

Feb 04 2007

Performed in Caravaggio written by Joan Schirle adapted by students to become “Love Bites”

I played the Arlequino Archetype

The first “style block” of Dell ‘Arte. We trained for five weeks in mask and character in the style of Commedia. For the performance our class was divided into 4 groups where we created our own version of the Caravaggio or improvisational structure written by Joan Schirle. The characters were based on the Commedia archetypes.

Photos by Carol Eckstein