Side Projects

-Underbelly- at UC Davis Dance Festival

Feb 11 2016

My fiancee Tiffany Martin and I created the dance piece Underbelly for her Honors project at UC Davis.





-Wet The Hippo- Tour in Placerville

Aug 30 2014

For the second time Wet The Hippo Returns to show their hilarious show. I was able to help produce their show here in Placerville. WTHCottage

-Rascals Key-Tour to Placerville

Jun 01 2014

The Bay Area theatre group comes to perform The Rascals Key. I helped to produce them here in Placerville.





-Poe and Matthews- Tour In Placerville

Sep 12 2013

I was able to produce a show for Poe and Matthews and show that Brian and Emily toured all over Canada. The show was a hit!IMG_1465



-Epic Dust- Premieres

Oct 01 2011

These are Photos from the Epic Dust Premieres of our Western Films. So far we’ve had two successful shows with a full house.

The first Premiere I did a Cowboy soliloquy to open the show. The Second premiere I wrote and Directed a Shadow Play as a Prequel to the film I also wrte and directed called Riderless.

-Glasnost- Famiglia Marching Band Street Performances

Oct 01 2011

During my 3 years of study at Dell’Arte International my fellow classmates and it created the Glasnost Famiglia Marching Band. We were a Character band who played on the streets during events and festivals. This was a side project non-related to the school. We were invited to many cabarets, fundraisers, and events where we would perform a full set of music for the crowds. . This became something we did in our past time as we started to gain some fame in the Hunboldt area. We were regularly appearing and performing throughout 2007-2009. We were featured twice on KHSU and played on the streets of San Francisco during the christmas season.In the Fall of 2009 it was decided that Glasnost would be the Dell’Arte companies holiday show production. We toured a family friendly version of “The Glasnost Family Holiday Show” under the direction of Joan Schirle.

-Unicorn Brew- Film Festival

Oct 01 2011

In the fall of 2009 some local art groups and I put togehter a local film and Art festival at the local coffee shop called Cozmic Cafe in Placerville California. I was in charge of hosting the event with my performance partner Evan Johnson. We had a great turn out of filmmakers and audience. Evan and I presented awards as two “film critis” Edgar Hope and Micky Hoohaw.

-Horror Experiment-

Oct 01 2008


Produced by Tyler Olsen

2007 performed as Zombie in a performance of Thriller choreographed by Nathaniel Justiano

2008 performed as Bolo in “The Bath” Written by Toby Mulford

in 2007-2008, Inspired by the gruesome style of Grand Guignol, Tyler Olsen helped organize and put together three horrific tales of blood and guts for Halloween. In 2007 it was performed at the Dell’Arte Carlo Theatre where I played a Zombie. The Second in 2008 was performed at The Playhouse in Arcata California. I was cast in “The Bath” an Original Script written by Toby Mulford, an MFA graduate of Dell’Arte International. I played Bolo a russian mobster hired to kill the daughter of the crime boss by pouring acid on her if she doesnt pay ransom. It was a challening role to play because of all the techniques it takes to make the effects look real.