-Berserkr- The Recovered footage

Feb 26 2013

Recently, I was working on my most recent silent film “Berserkr” when my Hard Drive died and I lost all the footage we spent a summer filming. Fortunately I have enough rough edits to compile some footage together…these scenes dont reperesent the true version of the film but they are at least the only proof the movie existed.


-24 Hour Film race- “Are You Still There?” Winner BEST FILM in SF!!! BEST EDITING in NY!

May 13 2011

Stan, Adam, and myself of Cinema Caldera joined forces with James Freebury of Lost Lands Productions to compete in the 24 Hour film race in SF. The film we made “Are You Still There?” Was Premiered at The Roxy Theatre back in May and took 2nd place at the audience awards.

We won Best Film, Best Set Design, Best Writing (tie), and Best Original Score by the SF judges. We are very proud!

We Won Best Editing at the New York Premiere.

Here is the film we made.

-Pina Bausch- Trailer

Feb 16 2011

This isnt related to me but I wanted to share my excitement for this film. I love her work!

PINA – Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost – International Trailer from neueroadmovies on Vimeo.

-Riderless- Teaser Trailer

Jan 26 2011

Check out the Trailer our editor put together for Riderless

-The Hinterlands- DEAD ROAD

Jul 13 2010

During the summer I had the chance to work with Liza and Richard of The Hinterlands. I flew over to Milwaukee to help them put together a 20 minute western to take to the Toronto Cooking Fire Theatre festival held in Dufferin Grove Park. We worked hard for 5 weeks putting this piece together and had some interesting adventures throughout the entire process.

Here is a trailer for the show.

Here are some pictures of the performance.

The Hinterlands is now based in Detroit and the plan is to develop the show into an hour long performance. You can follow their very interesting work on this blog site.

-The Hello Show- Promo and performances

Mar 13 2009

These are excerpts from The Hello Show performed at the Coffee Garden. Filmed by a high school film class. Evan Johnson, Sarah Peters, and myself toured california with a free comedy show that we performed in Coffee Houses, Bars, Gazebos, and any other non traditional theatre venues. Our goal was to provide surprise performances in places people dont normally get theatre. The show was a touring “amateur open mic night” where my theatre partner Evan Johnson and myself played multiple characters from the town of Strawberry performing their “best talents”. Characters who truly believed in their “skills” and desire to share it no matter how “uninteresting” it may be to the public.┬áSarah Peters was our local librarian MC. The challenge was how we could play nervous “first time” performers and keep the show engaging to communities.

Here is the promo for the show we did in Placerville. Always our best audience and favorite place to play!


This is California TIger and buddy…This is a workout class…

-Glasnost- Promo Video

Jun 15 2008

Here is a promotional video for our Glasnost Marching Band! Enjoy!