-Glasnost- Famiglia Marching Band Street Performances

Oct 01 2011

During my 3 years of study at Dell’Arte International my fellow classmates and it created the Glasnost Famiglia Marching Band. We were a Character band who played on the streets during events and festivals. This was a side project non-related to the school. We were invited to many cabarets, fundraisers, and events where we would perform a full set of music for the crowds. . This became something we did in our past time as we started to gain some fame in the Hunboldt area. We were regularly appearing and performing throughout 2007-2009. We were featured twice on KHSU and played on the streets of San Francisco during the christmas season. In the Fall of 2009 it was decided that Glasnost would be the Dell’Arte companies holiday show production. We toured a family friendly version of “The Glasnost Family Holiday Show” under the direction of Joan Schirle.