The Heidelberg Project

Jul 14 2010

On the Way back from Toronto Richard, Liza, Jason, and I were able to Visit the wonderful and stunning Heidelberg Project in Detroit.

I was blown away with everything I saw. It was chilling to walk through these abandoned neighborhoods and see these sculptures giving life and new meaning to a devistated place. A life changing thing to see.

We had the fortune of meeting the man who started the project Tyree Guyton. A very generous and caring man. Obviously wanting to make a difference in that city with so many troubles. We were able to Paint a circle on the road. I wish I could remember the words he used to describe what it represented. Check out his website and donate if you can.

Its amazing to see art that makes an impact like this.

You can Follow Liza and Richard of The Hinterlands (who are now in Detroit) on this blogsite