-Horror Experiment-

Oct 01 2008


Produced by Tyler Olsen (Now Founder of Dangerous Productions in Minnesota)

2007 performed as Zombie in a performance of Thriller choreographed by Nathaniel Justiniano

2008 performed as Bolo in “The Bath” Written by Toby Mulford

in 2007-2008, Inspired by the gruesome style of Grand Guignol, Tyler Olsen helped organize and put together three horrific tales of blood and guts for Halloween. In 2007 it was performed at the Dell’Arte Carlo Theatre where I played a Zombie. The Second in 2008 was performed at The Playhouse in Arcata California. I was cast in “The Bath” an Original Script written by Toby Mulford, an MFA graduate of Dell’Arte International. I played Bolo a russian mobster hired to kill the daughter of the crime boss by pouring acid on her if she doesnt pay ransom. It was a challening role to play because of all the techniques it takes to make the effects look real.