-Dell ‘Arte- Tragedy

Jun 06 2008

Co-creator of ensemble written “Between two Winters”

This show had two versions:

First version rehearsals were facilitated by both Brian Moore and myself and directed by Ronlin Foreman

Second version was directed by Ronlin Foreman and performed in San Francisco at the Magic Theatre.

I performed as Earl a TV news producer

The final project of the second year was an 8-week intensive study in the style of tragedy. We explored elements of the chorus, tragic gesture (with Donlin Foreman and Ronlin Foreman), the protagonist, and playwriting. As an ensemble we created the play “Between Two Winters”. The performance ended up having two versions. The first version was performed at the Dell ‘Arte theatre then we continued to re-structure and explore further into our story for another 4-weeks with Ronlin Foreman as the director. We took the 2nd version to San Francisco performing it in the Magic Theatre for three nights and a Sunday Matinee.

Photos by: Jorin Bossen