I want train the performer to be spontaneous and listen to what is in the moment, not to imitate or be unique, but instead, to be ready to discover and act upon impulses that enliven the space and foster a desire emanating from the audiences’ collective breath. When that performer becomes part of an ensemble, then it is unstoppable.

Jamie Van Camp is a recognized community organizer and educator with 3-years of Graduate level training in ensemble based physical theatre. He is a theatre actor, director, and writer with over twelve years of applied experience.

  • Experience in devising plays with ensemble, working in collaboration with non-theatre artists, acrobatics and movement training
  • Special training and skills in play, game, improvisation and comedy
  • Proven ability to lead and teach students and peers in a professional setting
  • Expertise in community based ensemble physical theatre
  • International training and directing experience

*CV and portfolio available upon request